Let Me See That THONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s talk THONGS.

And to be clear – if your mama is still calling her flip flops “thongs” – just correct her….sweetly.

The thongs I’m speaking of are the thin pieces of material we girls use to cover our cha cha while leaving our ass cheeks exposed.

I’ve done extensive thong studies to see which are the most comfy. Which are the best to wear with jeans. Which ones are made well and won’t fall apart in the wash!

Hands down – my very favorite – are Hanky Panky.

hanky panky

So soft and comfy – they come in petite, original and plus sizes and have many choices and variations!

Low Rise!  Mid Rise! Retro!  G-Strings!

Now, here’s the deal…’re not gonna like it….each thong is $20 bucks.

I know, I KNOW. But sometimes I splurge and pick up 2 for myself and I feel good about my purchase.

I feel sexy! I feel like Queen of the Thong Wearers!

Now, in case you just cannot bring yourself to shell out a 20 for a few pieces of string sewn together to cover a hoo-ha – I, of course, have a solution.

Victoria’s Secret has a line called The Lacie – and they are VERY similar to Hanky Panky! Right now they even have a special – 3 for $33!


Ok – now stop singing The Thong Song and enjoy the rest of your day!


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