Deck those Halls!!!!!!!!

It’s December…so bear with us here on the Holiday posts. It will all go away come January  BUT  for right now we’re Fa La La La Loving it!

The office halls can be gloomy. Face it – work is a drag! So keep yourself peppy and brimming with Holiday glee by sprucing the place up!

Do it Yourself:

Candy Jar!!!!!!!!

Grab a mason jar and fill it with tasty treats to share with your co-workers! If you hate your co-workers – FAIR. Bust out the jar anyway and eat those candies yourself! You DESERVE it putting up with those yahoos…..

candy jar


Office Twinkle!!!!!

Head to Target and get yourself a $4.00 strand of white lights to drape over a mirror, bulletin board or even your desk. If you want to be really fancy grab some snowlflakes and stars as well! The twinkle will make you smile all day long.



Decorate YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK – maybe don’t do that…..I look like A Very Rambo Christmas…..


And if you happen to somehow be in charge of the holiday decor for your entire company – remember to include everyone!



Do you guys have any cool office holiday decor ideas?


Happy Tuesday Everyone!




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