App-tastic Wednesday!!!!!!!

Let’s talk apps, shall we?

We’ve created a rating system! Instead of 1 – 5 we’ll rate:

1 – Supremely Awful

2 – Kinda Whack

3 – OK

4 – I recommend

5 – I Die Without It!!!!!!

Recently I’ve tried the following apps (now, I only have the iPhone 4s – I’m not fancy and slick w/ the i5 yet – so bear with me):

Nordstrom – Cost: Free!

HTS Rating: I recommend

Super fun and easy to use – shop, browse, keep track of things you like!

It’s like going to the store while sitting on your couch in your pj’s!


Scramble with Friends – Cost: Free!

HTS Rating: I Die Without It!!!!!!

I’m a bit of a nerd so word games really get me going! To me, this is a better version of Words with Friends.

I love it and it gives me something to do when I need a 2 min break from work!

InstaCollage – Cost: Free!

HTS Rating – OK

I am an Instagram lover but the collage version leaves me going “eh”.

Yeah, you can put a few pics together in a frame but I don’t feel like they have enough creative options!

And finally….enjoy a video review of:

8mm Vintage Cam  – Cost: $1.99


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