Birchbox Product Review: Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer

Hey Boys and Girls (but mostly girls, but we don’t discriminate, but we know our audience, but not personally so feel free to drop us a line)!

It’s Tuesday Birchbox Review Day!  Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!


Today’s review on Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer will a little all over the place.  Why?  Because I don’t get it.  Liquid luminizer does not work for me.  It comes across looking really out of place and really enforces just how big my pores are.  I never notice them, and then once I put liquid luminizer on my face – BAM!  Pores the size of moon craters.

But today, before I rushed out of my house to be only moderately late for work, I thought I’d give it one more try.  I trust Stila as a brand.  They wouldn’t do me wrong.  So what am I doing wrong?? USING IT ON MY FACE!!!!!  I get it now.  Stila ALL OVER Liquid Luminizer.   Think outside of the cheeks!  Eyes! Lips! Collarbones!  Guys – you should see me today.  I am one big ball of glow.

Using a little bit on the inside corners of your eyes creates that dewy look that is beautiful year round


A dab on the middle of my bottom lip enhanced my lipstick 10-fold.

A quick swipe on the ol’ collar bones draws attention to a body part that could use some light during the winter


When I need a little glow on my face, I tend to go for the Laura Mercier shimmer powder if I’m feeling rich, or Maybelline loose shimmer powder if I’ve run out of glow toward the end of a pay period.  The powder sits on my cheeks a little nicer. I read somewhere that if you use liquid foundation, you should use a liquid blush, and a powder blush if you use a powder foundation.  I’m sure someone with science behind them did that research, but for my own face (which apparently is an anomaly) I mix it up – liquid foundation, powder blush, powder bronzer/luminizer.

You can pick up the Stila liquid luminizer at your local Sephora or upscale department store.  For $20 you can get either a .5 oz bottle  or 3 trial-sized bottles.  The choice is yours, my friend.


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