Where’d You Get Them Jeans?

It wasn’t until I moved to LA 8 years ago that I became aware of the $200 pair of jeans.  I was getting happily along with whatever I got from Macy’s or American Outfitters or Abercrombie (don’t judge – remember what you wore in college?). And then one day, BAM – somewhere along the time I learned the difference between a manager and an agent, I found out about designer jeans.  I quickly saw things I couldn’t unsee.  Mainly, labels.  And I could only see labels.  When I was working my first PA job out here making $600 a week, I regularly spent a quarter of that on a pair of jeans.  Joe’s, Sevens, Citizens of Humanity.  Now that list makes me realize where all this credit card debt came from.  Hmm…. ANYWAY! I’m over that.  I’ve matured.  I am now able to see labels AND price tags.

As a bitch on a budget, this is how I live:  for higher end jeans, I hit the discount stores.  Not Walmart, you fool.  I’m talking Nordstom Rack.

This pair of AGJeans that were $175 at Nordstroms in the spring are now $69.99 at the Rack (for some reason being poor means you’ll be more interested in costs will cents attached. whatevs).

You can also get your jollies on at Loehmann’s or TJ Maxx or Century 21.  Just find a stylish old Jewish lady and follow her around for a day.  She will show you where to go.


My other denim secret is The Gap.  Yeah.  The Gap.  I’m wearing a pair jeans from The Gap right now.  I fell in, I bought some pants, I left more happy and only $69.99 down.  Once known for oxfords and button downs and bootleg jeans, The Gap upped their style in the last year by introducing the Always Skinny line.  I love it.  Mostly because I’m not always skinny, and these jeans fall exactly on my hips where I want them to.  They have them in mid-rise (if you are getting closer to mom-jean age)! They have them in colors (if you want a pair of jeans you’ll hate in 4 months)! They have them in pinstripes (if you’re trying to be the weird chick at your office)!  My favorite new Gap jeans are Always Skinny boyfriend jeans.

I don’t know what makes these “boyfriend jeans”.  Boys like things with holes in them, I guess?

You want to be able to put more cash in the pockets than in the store you got them from.  Don’t let your blue jeans break the bank.


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