WE ASK MEN about…….Fancy Socks!

In a new segment that we will be bringing you on a monthly basis, HTS is proud to present– WE ASK MEN!


In a super exact and scientifically orchestrated poll – we found out from men – both gay and straight – professionals as well as lazy drug lords – that Fancy Socks are a must have for men!


Not everyone wanted to wear them on a daily basis but it was an overwhelming “YES – you NEED them!”


Some men asked about price range – and we found that most were willing to spend more than $10 on a pair but not many were willing to spend over $30.

To which, I say, good for you cause dropping more than 30 bucks on a pair of socks seems like a dumb ass move man.


Which bring us to………….drumroll………………………….ARTHUR GEORGE.


Robert Kardashian Jr.’s sock line. Selling right now at Neiman Marcus – AG comes in right at the appropriate price range – $30 bucks a pair for some seriously jazzy toe covers.

So ladies, if the sight of your man’s feet covered in zig-zag stripes gets you going – get your ass to Neiman’s and pick up some stocking stuffers!


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