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Gyno Monday!

Top 5 Tips from HTS when selecting a GYNOCOLOGIST

Lisa and I decided that 2013 will be the year of the NEW gyno for us! We’ve gone to the same one for years and have decided – for reasons we won’t bore you or trouble you with here – that it’s time to spread our legs elsewhere. SO – we bring you some tips in case you too are in the market for a new lady doctor!

  1. Figure out the insurance of it all! Your plan, what co-pay will be, does this particular crotch looker-atter accept the kind of insurance you have?
  2. Consult your other physicians. Doctors are like the mafia – they all know each other and its either love or hate.
  3. Ask a friend!!!! “Hey Sally, pass the salt and do you think your gyno is doing a thorough breast exam??”
  4. Select a gyno who is board certified! It’s better than Board eligible because it means they are certified in both obstetrics AND gynecology.
  5. Request an informational/getting to know you visit. Ladies, it’s like dating – you’re not just gonna show anyone the goods!

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