I’m Parched! Well, my Lips are anyway…..

This colder weather is whack. My lips are like two dried prunes!!!!!! Are yours? No? Shut up.

Usually, I use Rosebud Salve. I’m not gonna lie – I started using it 7 years ago because I read in an article that Mary Kate Olsen used it. But it’s actually pretty awesome. Six dollars at Sephora and it lasts forever. Well, for like a good two months. You can even use it on your cuticles or rough skin patches (though, if you have a lot of those – we gotta talk about lotion, girl – but that’s another post).

Recently though I’ve also been using Baby Lips from Maybelline. $3.99 at RiteAid.

At first I was sooooo turned off by the name. Baby Lips? Ew. But then I got on board. It makes your lips so soft! You’ll wow all the boys with bj lips! Amazing!

And finally, just for some Holiday cheer. $1.99 ……just about anywhere….Peppermint Chapstick. You’ll have to apply it 7x a day but, breathe in that Happy Holiday smell! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. 🙂


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