Birchbox Product Review: Curly Hair Solutions-Curl Keeper

Here’s the Solution brings you a fascinating new series:

Birchbox is a beauty sample subscription service (and when I looked online to see how to describe it, I found out it’s not the only one.  But even if it’s the only one I’ve heard of – I still think it’s the best).   I pay $10 a month (don’t worry, it comes right out of the ol’ checking account automatically.  I don’t even feel it. I can barely notice that I’ve wasted nearly $300 on shit that I could have gotten standing outside a Sephora.  Oh god.  I’m terrible with money).  Anyway…. for $10 a month Birchbox sends a lil box – about the size of your favorite hardcover novel – filled with beauty samples.  There are tiny lipsticks and tiny nail polishes and tiny bronzers.  Sometimes they’re better than others.  Sometimes you get a headband and a pack of tea and wonder who puts this shit together.  That’s life.  Suck it up.

Despite the nominal cost, I put my Birchbox arrival just under the end of my period as my favorite time of the month.  It allows me to try products I wouldn’t have known about otherwise and it’s just plain fun getting mail that isn’t a bill.  But why should I have all the fun?!  Don’t you want to know about new products?  Don’t you want to see if they work without having to use them?  Don’t you deserve a chance?  YOU DO!   So here we go – review numero uno!

Curly Hair Solutions – Curl Keeper

The best thing about Birchbox is getting a product that you could actually use, so I was excited to see a sample of Curly Hair Solutions – Curl Keeper in the box.  As a curly-topped lady (who straightens her hair 4 days a week to keep from looking so Jewy), a good frizz eliminator is key.  Curl Keeper is a very thin, non-sticky gel that you put in wet hair.  The directions tell you not to touch your hair as it’s drying.  I find this impossible.  That’s just me, I know, maybe you’ll be better at it.  If you’re reading a lot of Buddhist literature and are trying to test your self control, this anti-frizz gel is for you.

I combined the gel with Frizz-Ease mousse (as I always do when I wear my hair curly) and the result was a lot more crunch, and a lot less body than I was hoping for.  As light as the gel is, I still felt like it weighed my hair down.  Don’t hold me down, gel.  I don’t need that shit from you.

As my hair dried (WITHOUT the assistance of my fingers), it looked a lot more flat than when it dries with other products.  It did what it promised – there was no frizz, but… there was also not much else.  Also, and I’ll take more blame for this than the product, but the front of my hair looked passable all day, but when I got home and flipped around the back looked like it was another woman’s head.  Where’d this bitch with the tight curls come from?  Weird…

All in all, for the price*, it’s worth trying if you have frizz issues and an extra $10.  I think I’ll stick with my Frizz-ease serum/mousse combo for now… until the December Birchbox comes out.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s review –  ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara.  GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!


*$10 and free shipping/100 mL if you’re a Birchbox subscriber, $9.99/100 mL and some coupon code if you buy it now at the Curly Hair Solutions online shop.



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