Grease is the word…..but not a good one when it comes to your HAIR

Sometimes I don’t want to wash my hair. Which means it’s gross and greasy.

(Please enjoy the song Grease – sung by the totally bitchin’ and totally dead Frankie Valli)

I have a shit ton of hair on my head and sometimes, after a long day, I don’t wanna deal with it.

Can I get an AMEN?

Really? Nothing? Ok, Fine.


Dry Shampoo.

It’s really the way to go between washes. Especially in the winter when your hair is dry as a freakin’ tumbleweed and you want to preserve as much natural oil as you can.

I’ve used many dry shampoos and I find that for blondes (which I’m not) the spray kind works FAB. This one by TRESemme has been given rave reviews by some of my blonde pals.

Only $4.49 at Target or Walgreens!

Now, us brunettes got a bit of a problem if you ask me. Because the spray on dry shampoos that I have tried all leave your hair looking a bit lackluster. Almost GRAY. And lets face it – nobody needs to look older than they already do. SO – I recommend a powder dry shampoo for us dark haired darlings! This one by Oscar Blandi is a little bit expensive but it really does the trick! Rub it in almost like you’re washing your hair in the shower and – BAM! Be gone grease!

$21.99 at Sephora

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